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Total Automation For Buildings & Industrial Control Systems  (TABICS)

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Our Products




    Micro processors, LT & HT factories, Electrical installations, Analyzing line voltage, Process controllers


    APFC Panel - Compact System :

    Micro processors,LT & HT factories,Electrical installations,Analyzing line voltage,Process controllers

    Compact - Modular Design.,Powder coated CRCA Sheet wall cabinet.,Capacitors incased in cylindrical Aluminium can, dielectric consisting of MPP Film dry or oil type with discharge resistances.,Temperature control.,Highly loadable, low-losses, sefl-healing capacitors with .,Special reinforced contractors with special preceding contacts for lower in rush currents.


    APFC Panel With Contactors :

    Microprocessor based APFC Relay with Advanced Technology.,Best Quality of Swichgear used such as Contactors,Fuses, MCCB's confirming to the latest Indian and International Standards.,Monitor the load conditions by external CT continously through control Relay.,Aesthetically designed Powder coated enclosure, Dust and Vermin proof.,Coppe Bus-bar of suitable current carrying capacity with colour code.,Wide variety of output steps.,High Quality connecting cables used for High Temperature withstand capacity.



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